About Phi Boota roota

Phi Boota roota is a national percussion fraternity. Through the coordination that is required while performing with each other, percussionists tend to naturally come together and bond. Phi Boota roota exists to strengthen those bonds amongst percussionists. In doing so, we come together to promote and teach the art of percussion to those both within and outside the organization.

The first chapter of Phi Boota roota, IPT, was founded on September 26, 1976 at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) by Connie Sprinkle, Joe Evans, and Glen Buckalew. In 1981, Scooter Wooten and Roy King instituted the second chapter, IAO, at Louisiana State University (LSU). A year later, in 1982, LSU became the home of the national headquarters. Later in 1982, John Paul Gay (LSU) became the “National Founding Father” by helping establish ten new chapters. 


Phi Boota roota held the first national convention, called UniPhi, on April 19, 2008, in Columbia, SC. This convention brought together many chapters that were previously independent. The chapters in attendance at the first national convention were Troy University, University of South Carolina, James Madison University, and Louisiana Tech. The purpose of the first convention was to unite the independent chapters and establish Phi Boota roota as a legitimate percussion organization. The first national constitution, which was made to govern the united chapters, was created at the first convention. Each convention after has furthered the purpose of the first, and helped unify existing chapters and create new ones.


( * marks a chapter that is currently inactive.)

​​James Madison University,  Gamma Sigma

Louisiana State University, Iota Alpha Omicron*

Louisiana Tech University, Phalam Stutter​

Longwood University, Beta Chi*

Missouri Western State University, Delta Upsilon Tau

Old Dominion University, Beta Phi

Stephen F. Austin State University,  Beta​

Troy University, Alpha Zeta​

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Iota Beta Nu*

University of Louisiana Monroe, Lambda Rho Alpha

University of South Alabama, Phi Lambda

University of Southern Mississippi, I Phelta Thi*

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Delta Phi​


University of West Alabama, Beta Nu​


University of Montevallo, Epsilon Psi Phi*   


Chapter Locations