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The National Alumni Association (NAA) was founded on May 25, 2019 in Mobile, Alabama, when the thirteen founding members were granted a charter by the National General Assembly and the National Executive Council. Its purpose is to support and promote the people, programs, and priorities of Phi Boota roota.


The NAA meets online quarterly to grow and fulfill its purpose. Its members represent more than ten PBr chapters, spanning decades of membership years.


If you are an alumni of any PBr chapter across the country, reach out via email to learn more or to join the NAA.


PBr NAA Officers 2020-2021

  • President: Kristy Wright

  • Vice President: Christopher Morgan

  • Secretary: Whitten Cluff

  • Treasurer: Gage Thomas

Alumni Association E-mail:

Facebook: PBr National Alumni Association

Instagram: pbr_natl_alumni_assoc

National Alumni Association Officers

National Alumni Association By-Laws

National Alumni Association

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