In April of 2017, students at Missouri Western State University applied to join Phi Boota roota. Through hard work and dedication, by June they were voted in as a full chapter. There are currently eight active members, nine potential members and faculty advisor Dr. Joshua Knight. In recent news, the Student Government Association at MWSU approved to assist the chapter in the purchase of $1,200 dollars worth of hand drums with the stipulation that the chapter use them to hold an annual drum circle open to campus, which in turn fulfills our purpose to promote and teach the art of percussion.


Delta Upsilon Tau Officers - 2020

  • President: Caroline Brinker

  • Vice President: Parker Bell

  • Warden: Joe McCutchen

  • Secretary: Claire Popp

  • Treasurer: Kirah Wojtalewicz

  • Historian: Anna Millsap

Chapter E-mail:

Facebook: Phi Boota roota-Delta Upsilon Tau

Instagram: Phi Boota roota DUT @phibootaroota_dut 

Missouri Western State University - Delta Upsilon Tau

Chapter Officers