The Beta Phi Chapter at Old Dominion University was founded April 20, 2009, when Chris Knight was given the idea of starting a chapter after his sister told him about the Gamma Sigma Chapter at James Madison University. Soon after, the constitution was written by its Founding Father’s Chris Knight, James Novak, Maegan Rowley, Corey Barnes, and Ryan Sampson. After the chapter went inactive in 2013, 11 new brothers brought the chapter back as the Eta Class the Fall of 2015. Beta Phi currently acts as a service chapter that gives back to the Old Dominion University Percussion Department, Music Department, and the local communities through donations, scholarships, and education clinics.



Beta Phi Officers - 2022

  • President: Ben Rosenthal

  • Vice President: Johnathan Bingham

  • Secretary: Michael Keeylan

  • Treasurer: Bryan Southwell

  • Warden: Matthew Rosado

Chapter E-mail:

Facebook: Phi Boota roota- Beta Phi Chapter

Instagram: @phibootarootaodu

Old Dominion University - Beta Phi

Chapter Officers