National Convention 2016

June 4, 2016


Our 9th annual Phi Boota roota National Convention was held Memorial Day weekend at the University of Southern Mississippi, where the original chapter was founded in 1976. Ten chapters were in attendance, including the IPT founding chapter at USM and the brand new chapter at the University of South Alabama, Phi Lambda.

Our founding fathers, Connie Sprinkle and Joe Evans, were also in attendance. One thing they repeatedly told us was how amazing it is that drummers just naturally come together. We grow a bond amongst ourselves through performing with each other.

As we saw our history with the original chapter and the founding fathers we also looked to the future. Our goal is the same one we always have: To further the fraternal relationship amongst percussionists, to promote and teach the art of percussion and to instill a feeling of brotherhood across the nation. I certainly felt that brotherhood this weekend. That’s a feeling I hope to share with percussionists across the nation through expansion of our fraternity to more universities and colleges.

We remember our history while looking towards the future. I look forward to another amazing year while inviting more percussionists to join our brotherhood.

Trevor Grimm

Phi Boota roota

National President