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Meet the NEC: Warden

Up next in our “Meet the NEC” series is our National Warden, Ethan Ainsworth. In 2016, Ethan crossed into the Beta chapter as a member of the Alpha Eta class. While at Stephen F. Austin State, he majored in Music Education and played xylophone in The Lumberjack Marching Band while also playing percussion, piano, and organ with the University’s concert bands. He also played drum set and piano with SFA’s Swingin’ Axes jazz band. Within the Beta chapter, he served as the President and Treasurer. Nationally, Ethan has served as Regional Director for the Louisiana/Texas region for the past 3 years. During his tenure as Warden, he hopes to uphold the fine traditions of PBR as well as do his part to ensure the future of the organization as we navigate through the times of COVID-19.

Check out our Q&A session with Ethan below to get to know a little more about him as a person.

Why did you join Phi Boota roota?

“I joined Phi Boota roota not really knowing what to expect and I haven't regretted a single thing since.”

What is your favorite memory you’ve made as a member?

“My favorite memories have been the chapter formals. I love seeing all the drip.”

Who is your favorite percussionist?

“My favorite drummer is probably Joe Morello. Nobody keeps time and solos in 7/4 like he does.”

What is your favorite percussion instrument?

“My favorite percussion instrument has to be the claves, because who doesn't like the claves?”

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

“My superpower would probably be something in the vein of Tony Stark-levels of wealth. Or teleportation. Teleportation is cool too.”

What is your favorite 90s song to jam to?

“My favorite 90s throwback jam is probably ‘Ants Marching’ by DMB.”

Have a question of your own for Ethan? Comment below and you could be featured in next month’s roota Report newsletter!

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