The idea for the chapter came from Sammy Morse and Gage Thomas taking a 2 AM trip to the local Steak ‘n Shake. Sammy was scrolling through Facebook and discovered that her friend was a part of the University of West Alabama chapter of Phi Boota roota. After talking about how interesting the fraternity could be, they decided that they wanted to start up a chapter. Gage contacted Trevor Grimm, the national vice president, about starting a chapter and recieved an application. Sammy and Gage went through an interview process with Trevor, Lydia Mitrevski, and Wally Pendergrass. After getting approved to start the colonization process, the two have been working together to gather interest and finish the paperwork necessary to make the chapter official. The first elected board of officers are Gage Thomas, Sammy Morse, Amber Lawson, Aaron McCann, Mytchell Walker, and Abigail Rothfeldt. The other founding fathers of the organization are Alec Lee, Rick Ardovino, Rochelle Brace, Sam Ardovino, Steven Weems, and Xavier Lawrence. The chapter was nationally recognized on May 29, 2015. Sammy Morse and Gage Thomas were the first two members to be officially inducted as members at the Phi Boota roota National Convention at the University of West Alabama on May 31, 2015

Epsilon Psi Phi Officers - 2016

  • President - Gage Thomas
  • Vice President - Sammy Morse
  • Warden - Xavier Lawrence
  • Secretary - Sammy Morse
  • Treasurer - Chris Evans
  • Historian - Rochelle Brace

University of Montevallo - Epsilon Psi Phi

Chapter Officers