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Toward the end of the 2009 fall semester, a group consisting of 17 members from the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley’s Percussion Studio stumbled upon Phi Boota roota National Percussion Fraternity via the internet and began to research as much as possible about the organization.  After much searching, the interested group found and contacted the National Chapter of Phi Boota roota to inquire about the creation of a chapter of PBr at UTRGV. Rising above the various obstacles that tested the strength of will and mind, the 8 have become the founding fathers of the Delta Phi Chapter of PBr.  As founding fathers, their struggle to become a chapter shall forever be printed on this parchment.  As for this brotherhood that has been created, it shall forever be passed on from generation to generation to the willing and deserving.  This legendary band of brothers, like the berries of the holly tree, shall never grow away from each other.  And like the roots of the African violet, they will always take in more elements to build a better foundation and expand their roots to reach the grounds less tapped.  Through thick and thin this group of 8 managed to pull themselves together as ONE. The “Brochachos” stand strong along side each other and although this journey has taken a toll in their lives, they know in their hearts that the wait was well worth it.


 “The Brochachos 2011”


University of Texas Rio Grande Valley - Delta Phi

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