The Phalam Stutter chapter of Phi Buda ruda was founded on the campus of Louisiana Tech University on April 1, 1993. Their colors are Purple, Black, and Silver. Their fraternal flower is the White Rose. Their fraternal tree is the Holly Tree. Their mascot is none other than the Rainbow Trout and their famous motto is "Hold Your Trout High!"


Phalam Stutter crest.png

Phalam Stutter Officers - 2021-22

  • President: Tyler Kranz

  • Vice President: Matt Byrnes

  • Treasurer: Luke Rogers

  • Secretary: Jessica Adubato

  • Historian: Meghan Griffin

  • Parliamentarian: Dayne Armstrong


Chapter E-mail:

Facebook: Phi Buda Ruda: Phalam Stutter Chapter

Instagram: Phi Buda Ruda: Phalam Stutter @pbr_phalamstutter

Twitter: La Tech Phalam Stutter @phalam_stutter

Louisiana Tech University - Phalam Stutter

Chapter Officers