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Fall 2022 Purpose Fund Award

Phi Boota roota National Percussion Fraternity is pleased to announce our Fall 2022 Purpose Fund recipient, percussionist Omarion Johnson of the George Jenkins Dream Makers Band.

The Purpose Fund is set aside to specifically and directly uphold the Purpose of Phi Boota roota:

  • To further the fraternal relationship and serve the needs of university percussionists.

  • To uphold the highest standard of percussion performance in any given environment.

  • To further the knowledge of the percussive arts and create a broader perception of percussion throughout the community.

Phi Boota roota was made aware of Omarion’s fundraiser when Life Member Johari Harris reached out to the National Executive Council. Johari says, “I first heard about Omarion from his band director and my good friend, Rad Bolt. He joined band last year as a freshman playing the rack in front ensemble and quickly rose to the snareline. … He has earned a scholarship to a local private lesson academy and is taking lessons with a professor of percussion at a local college all while maintaining over a 4.0 GPA. …he looks to pursue music after high school after finding a home in band.”

Omarion’s band director Rad Bolt describes him as “One of the hardest working kids I know. Coming from a single mother, three-kid house, OJ also sells empanadas (that are SUPER good) to help make ends meet at home.”

Phi Boota roota National Percussion Fraternity will donate $250 towards equipment, fees, and travel costs with the marching band. Omarion’s fundraiser is seeking $900. You can join PBr in supporting Omarion by donating any amount at this link:

Thank you to Life Member Johari Harris for bringing Omarion’s story forward. Phi Boota roota wishes Omarion a fantastic year of band, percussion, and music education.

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